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The words below were written by Sarah Varcas and are part of her November astrology post called Inside Out Change. Sarah calls herself an Intuitive Astrologer. I think she should change that to Wise Intuitive Astrologer.  Click here to read the entire post for November 2014 on her website:

Against a backdrop of centuries during which the mind has been deified and the spirit increasingly ignored, if we can’t come up with an answer to a problem we can end up feeling hopeless, ineffective, a failure. The ability to apply logic to life and make it better as a result has been the standard against which so much has been measured. This standard is shifting now. Tired logic won’t cut it in the burgeoning astrological Age of Aquarius ruled by Uranus who couldn’t think ‘in the box’ even if its life depended upon it! We must be open to a new way now, to challenges which demand illogical responses: hope in the face of despair, love in the face of aggression, wisdom in the face of ignorance, and most importantly of all for this New Moon, patience in the face of not knowing what the heck to do about something! Because nothing will curtail progress faster than pre-empting a deeper and more enduring solution with a quicker more convenient one. So if this New Moon brings us conundrums that leave us itching to sort them out, we’d best wait up for a while because there’s more to discover before we take action and more wisdom to be gleaned before we move on to the next thing!

And glean it we will, now that the Sun is in Sagittarius until 21st/22nd December, welcomed there by a square between Mercury and Jupiter which assists us in discovering with both the mind and the heart how different the world could be if we ourselves decide to live in it differently. For this is the essence of change: from the inside out, rebirthing our minds and hearts in order for the world itself to change, not the other way around. Throughout the final week of November a square between the Sun and Neptune once again challenges us to embrace new perspectives, fresh truths. We cannot experience change from the application of old truths now out-dated. It is only the timeless truths which can really transform and until we are living them we are forever trapped in someone else’s ideas of how life should be, even if we now call them our own. A sacrifice is called for: of who we thought we were, of old truths adopted from someone else’s life, of beliefs that no longer hold water in the face of rapid evolutionary change. A sacrifice, that is, of anything and everything which has overlaid our core self, to bolster identity and give us substance where once we felt empty and incomplete. Of everything to which we have clung, at first to save us from the emptiness, but which eventually simply anchors us to a past self no longer vibrant and alive.

To bring the month to a close, the Quarter Moon in Aries on 29th November reminds us there is no destination on this journey, no matter how much we may perceive there to be. That was the old way: do this and you’ll live happily ever after in a life filled with success and everything you could possibly dream. The new way says this: ‘you can’t even begin to imagine what’s possible so don’t bother trying! Simply live, present to the moment, follow the clues, listen to the wisdom whispered on the breath of life every day’. In doing so we will know what to do, who to be, and we will know when to stop being and doing and move on again. The freedom which arises when we live in this way reveals that the letting-go was no sacrifice at all but simply a return to our true self, there all along but hidden beneath the shell of identity, hardened to resist the fact that nothing to which we cling is true and only now is real.

Sarah uses a period on the astrological calendar as the basis for this but what she is really talking about is lifelong change. Everyone gets to choose for themselves when they are ready to take the white knuckled ride to emotional freedom. And, for every one of us who takes the ride, it proves to someone else they can do it too.

Thank you Sarah! And thank You for giving this some thought. You will benefit, your loved ones will benefit and so will the planet!


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