Thou Shall Not Play Small


It happened! You know…that instant when something Dawn’s on you  :-)  and you slap your palm to your forehead and shout Doh! like Homer Simpson. Mutual of Omaha calls it an “aha” moment. I call it a light bulb moment. Sometimes mine come with a little pang of embarrassment, like this one, because I consider myself to be self-aware. Oh well…I hope to never stop learning and will gladly pay the price of a little pride for a piece of wisdom that can make my life better. Come to think of it, nearly all of these blogs have come from light bulb moments. I wonder if that’s what they mean by ‘enlightenment’.


A few weeks ago I was reading my favourite astrologer’s January report (Monthly Astrology Reports) and she said, “For every possession, every thought, habit or feeling, we must ask: Does it limit or liberate? Does it raise or reduce our energy?” I took her advice and started questioning my thoughts and it became clear the negative feeling thoughts, like fear and doubt, were keeping me closed off to possibilities and dragging me down. WAIT A MINUTE! I’m Source energy! (see my blog titled “Energy or How about that Retrograde?!”). I’m a Magical Universe Thinker! I know that what I think about creates my experience. And I also know trivial thoughts take up the same space as big ones!


“Dawn, if you are entertaining fear or judgment or self-pity then you are not trusting in the power that created you and that everything is going to be ok!” DOH!

Worrying and whining is playing small! Taking things personally and placing blame is playing small!

I like to use mantras to help me while I’m burning in a new thought pattern. This is my current one: “I know who I am and I didn’t come here to play small.” I’m thinking about getting it tattooed on my left forearm because I don’t ever want to forget it. It’s a huge step forward for me in remembering what I knew when I arrived on this planet.

Thank you for giving this some thought. You will benefit, your loved ones will benefit and so will the planet!


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