The Reign of My Pysche


Today, March 20, is an auspicious day for endings and beginnings according to astrologers so this morning I thought it fitting to finally end the Reign of My Psyche. I thanked her for protecting me all these years then gently chopped off her head. Not really, but I did take her crown.

My Psyche has been Queen of all things Dawn as far back as I can remember. The significance of this dethroning is my willingness to let go of useless patterns in my thinking that I mistakenly believed would lead to the life I wanted. Even though she is intangible, My Psyche has had an indelible affect on my life and thus why it seems fitting to give her one too.

My Psyche has a loud voice (although only I can hear her). If I wake up during the night she talks so much it’s a challenge to get back to sleep. And she doesn’t just talk to me; she has conversations with my coworker, or my sister in California, or my husband sleeping beside me. When I look in the mirror she will point out what she doesn’t like about my appearance. If I eat ice cream she will loathe me. And trying something new and different can only be tackled if she thinks it will benefit her. My Psyche can be a conniving, overzealous, insecure, crazy wench!

My Psyche is the mind in the trio of mind-body-spirit that is Me. She’s a part of me but the smallest part of me and she is not Who I am. My body is not Who I am either. When I was younger and focused on the feeling I got when a guy paid attention to me I thought of myself as my body….but I’m way more than my body too. Who I am is larger than either my mind or my body. Who I am is as big as All That Is, but has a soft loving voice. Who I am has been waiting to be rediscovered. And now that My Psyche is no longer in control, Who I am is free. Ahhh…

If you have a noisy, critical, manipulative, self-serving royal pain between your ears obsessed with things that happened in the past or haven’t happened yet, I hope you know they only keep their power as long as you allow it. Decide to do whatever it takes to restore your peace of mind …chop off their head!!

Thank you for giving this some thought. You will benefit, your loved ones will benefit and so will the planet!


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