Did you see her hair?!

Truth be told, there was a time in my past if I was looking at your hair and thinking it looked great that I was probably thinking mine looked crappy. Or, if I was thinking you were having a bad hair day, I was likely thinking that my ‘do looked awesome. Yes, I was a busy body busy judging…me. You see, what appears to be my judgment of you is actually my judgment of me. Here’s how that works. All thought is thought about ourselves (yes it is!). Everything we think and do is because we think it will make us feel…

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String of Pearls

If you have read any of Louise Hay’s books you know she is a big proponent of using positive affirmations to help break old habits and anchor change. “I trust the process of life.” “All I need is always taken care of.” “I am safe.” “I can do it!” There is another organization whose members believe the same philosophy but who use what I would consider to be black-belt affirmations. “Acceptance is the answer to all my problems today.” “I’ve never been sorry for practicing restraint.” “Take what you like and leave the rest.” “If it’s important enough you’ll make…

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