Thou Shall Not Play Small

It happened! You know…that instant when something Dawn’s on you    and you slap your palm to your forehead and shout Doh! like Homer Simpson. Mutual of Omaha calls it an “aha” moment. I call it a light bulb moment. Sometimes mine come with a little pang of embarrassment, like this one, because I consider myself to be self-aware. Oh well…I hope to never stop learning and will gladly pay the price of a little pride for a piece of wisdom that can make my life better. Come to think of it, nearly all of these blogs have come from…

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This is Selfish

Today I live knowing the power of my thoughts. Today I live knowing the power of my thoughts to bring me peace. Today I live knowing my dreams have come true. Today I live knowing life doesn’t work the way I was taught. Today I live knowing I can do, be and have everything I desire. Today I live knowing they are in the exact right place doing the exact right thing for them. Today I live knowing it‘s not mine to fix or even to judge. Today I live knowing I can love her even if I despise what…

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