Mind your own mind!


You may disagree with this but hear me out:

How someone feels about you is not important.

What’s important is how you feel about them.

Because what’s important is how you feel.

Because…how you feel is an indication of what you are thinking.

And what you are thinking is what you are going to get more of.

If you feel good about them then you will feel good about you too.

When you feel good, the things you want to happen happen.

Here’s where we might be at odds: you can’t control how they feel about you and you can’t make someone think something they don’t want to…thoughts are the choice of the thinker.

So mind your own mind…and if you can’t think something nice about someone…think about puppies.

Thank you for giving this some thought! You will benefit, your loved ones will benefit and so will the planet!


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