Long goodbyes


You meet who you believe is your forever match. You talk for hours every night. You find out you both love Spiderman and Madonna. You start spending all your free time together. You introduce them to your favorite sibling; you get ‘thumbs up’. You take a weekend road trip and have The Best Time! You’re hitting on all cylinders, perfectly in synch. You start talking about next year and you ask them to move in with you.

BAM! POW! SMACK! You find out they were hiding a fetish for cotton balls. You catch them drinking from the milk carton. You hear them bashing Tobey Maguire to their friends. You seem to be the only one who likes clean sheets or covers food cooking in the microwave. You start dreading weekends and you find yourself asking your boss if you can work overtime. When will it end?

You guard your thoughts. You pay attention to how you feel. You are happy in spite of _____. You look for what’s right in yourself and others. You forgive. You let go. You go with the flow. You are able to focus your mind at will manifesting parking spaces and money in the bank. You’re a machine turning out better feeling thought after thought. You’re in the zone and life is really good!

Then….BAM! POW! SMACK! You find yourself on the mental merry-go-round and aren’t sure how you got there or how to get off. You’re cranky and critical of yourself and everyone else. You give up on your morning meditation because you can’t quiet your mind or sit still. You suddenly despise Material Girls. You mistakenly tell your mother you think you are depressed. When will it end?

As much as you want them gone, getting rid of old thought patterns may be the proverbial long goodbye. We’re born thinking happy thoughts (unless we’re hungry or tired) but by mimicking the people around us our natural inclination to think this way can change. We learn to think thoughts based on judgment and fear, and then we have to unlearn them to have a better life.

What I wish for most is an early warning signal that lets me know when I’m headed for emotional mayhem. Much like that red flag I ignored when he….never mind.

Thank you for giving this some thought! You will benefit, your loved ones will benefit and so will the planet!


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