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In June, 2012, I became certified by Mike Dooley, the author of the book “Infinite Possibilities” to share a program called Infinite Possibilities, The Art of Changing Your Life. This program was developed by Mike as a means to spread the message that life is magical, we are powerful beyond our understanding, and our thoughts, words and actions are how our dreams come true.

As registered MUTs I’m making the workbook for this program available to you for free. Mike left it up to us to decide on the medium for how we would share this gift with the world. Likewise, I’m leaving this up to you to use as you decide you want or need. Read and be inspired or work the exercises and see what you learn about yourself.

All I ask in return is that you share something you take from these pages with the rest of us.

In going through this training I became more than I ever thought I would or could be. My wish is that this material will do that for you also.



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