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Appreciation is the magic formula you’ve been seeking. —Abraham (Excerpted from the workshop: Albuquerque, NM on September 01, 2004)

I learned in the twelve-step program of Al-Anon that making a list of the things I was grateful for and sharing that list with someone else was a quick-fix for a bad attitude or what they called ‘stinkin thinkin’.  They told me if you’re in such a bad place that you can’t think of anything to be grateful for then take out your wallet. “Do you have a driver’s license or an insurance card?” they asked. The purpose of the exercise was to get me to mentally acknowledge the blessings in my life I took for granted and to move me away from the ‘poor me’ attitude I suffered from.

Their Gratitude List was my introduction to the principle behind the Law of Attraction that I champion and practice today. Back then I had no idea of the value of the lesson they were teaching. The shifts in my thinking from the negative to the positive were short lived because I thought my happiness depended on someone else and that I had no choice when it came to my thoughts.

Fast forward a decade. The quote at the top was in a daily affirmation I received recently. I love this 8 word answer to how to have the life of your dreams. Abraham endorses appreciation for the same reason Al-Anon does but also because it takes us out of a place of fear and resistance, it raises our energy level, and it makes us feel good!

Here are a few more messages on appreciation from Abraham: “Look for good things about where you are, and in your state of appreciation, you lift all self-imposed limitations (and all limitations are self-imposed) and you free yourself for the receiving of wonderful things.”

“The best way to accomplish an improved environment is to focus upon the best things about where you currently are until you flood your own vibrational patterns of thought with appreciation, and in that changed vibration, you can then allow the new-and-improved conditions and circumstances to come into your experience.”

Love and appreciation are identical vibrations. Appreciation is the vibration of alignment with who-you-are. Appreciation is the absence of everything that feels bad and the presence of everything that feels good. When you focus upon what you want – when you tell the story of how you want your life to be – you will come closer and closer to the vicinity of appreciation, and when you reach it, it will pull you toward all things that you consider to be good in a very powerful way.”

At its base, appreciation is the awareness of the connection between all things and acknowledgement of their significance. I went from gratitude for the contents of my wallet to indebtedness for the events and people of the past because they kept me from settling for my life the way it was.

Appreciation is a way of thinking about things. We were given thought by our source as the means to access the power of the Universe and create our earthly experience. The affirmation reminded me that the good-feeling, fun, prosperous, healthy, and love-filled life I desire will appear with the practice of pleasurable, positive, inspired thought.

Thank you Abraham and Thank You for giving this some thought. You will benefit, your loved ones will benefit and so will the planet!


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