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About MUT Like Me:

MUT-logoNO-TAGMUT Like Me is an online space for thought promoters and provokers who are interested in changing the world by spreading the message that we are here for the enjoyment of the experience and we create our experience with the thoughts we think.

MUT = Magical Universe Thinker

I believe with all my heart that at the moment you decide on something you want to be, do or have, the Universe conspires to assist you!

Steven Pressfield said in The WAR of ART, “things that you think are nothing, as weightless as air, are actually powerful substantial forces, as real and as solid as earth.”

Come back daily to inspire and be inspired.

About Dawn:

Dawn Photos 178MUT Like Me is a place where you will feel at home if you’re a little left of center when it comes to how you think you came to be where you are. Said in another way, if you believe you direct your life with your mind, aka the thoughts you think, then what you see and read here will resonate with you.

My husband calls me ‘quirky’ because this is the way I think. My brother calls me wacky. I wasn’t always this way…I used to be quite serious and conventional. To look at me you would probably say serious and conventional fits more than quirky and wacky. My family and my close friends know the real me but for the most part I’m still in the closet :-) because my salary comes from a job in corporate America where quirky and wacky are not on the list of desired characteristics…well…I was in the closet.

MUT Like Me is an idea that came and would not go away. Quoting from Kobi Yamada’s book What Do You Do With An Idea? “I just walked away from it. I acted like it didn’t belong to me. But it followed me. I worried what others would think. What would people say about my idea?” I registered the domain name for this website two years ago and as the book goes on to say, “I kept it to myself. I hid it away and didn’t talk about it. I tried to act like everything was the same as it was before my idea showed up.” You know by now that didn’t work for me but you’ll have to read the book to find out how the story ends…or not. :-)

So let me come a little farther out of the closet. I always wondered “Why are we here? Are we just like ants and God is up there watching and laughing at our trials and tribulations? I’m a kind, decent person so why aren’t my dreams coming true? And why does everybody seem to get it except me?” I looked for the answer in churches. I looked in self-help books and counseling. I looked in a 12-step program. Everywhere I looked I met patient and compassionate teachers, each with a piece of the puzzle. It took years to remember what I knew before I forgot (more on this later) :-) and today I know why I’m here. I’m here for the joy…the pure joy of this experience on planet Earth. You and I are made up of the same energy as what you might call God, or Source, or Higher Power, what I call the Universe. We are that same energy in physical form. One.

And now you may be saying, they are both right…she is quirky AND wacky! To that I say, take what you like and leave the rest. I’m having a blast!

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