About the Membership Fee

Membership fee? You’re probably saying “What’s in it for me?”

The reason this website exists is because I wanted a way to connect with people who are where I am spiritually and cognitively and to help them, in turn, connect with one another. In our joining forces, my hope is we can uplift those around us and all benefit from a better feeling life.

I know there are people in the world who think like I do but I also know we’re a minority. People like me don’t resonate with traditionally accepted spiritual beliefs and practices. We’re considered quirky or wacky but we still want and need to find our tribe and to feel that community spirit.

I didn’t undertake this project to sell anything but I believe formalizing our connection by asking you to register and pay a one-time, lifetime membership of $20.00 will safeguard the purpose of the website and its member’s credibility. Although anyone can read the blogs and member Interchanges, only registered members may connect to other members via the site, post on the Interchange and in the Group discussions, and access exclusive content. This fee will also contribute to the cost of freebies (such as MUT stickers for new members) and the cost of maintaining the site. In return, you have my promise to maintain the website with integrity and sincerity and to not generate emails trying to sell you something.

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